Rehab Effect!

this page is just to explain what I mean by rehab effect. I may or may not have already had something about it in a post or something but I was probably vague. Anyways! Here it is! 🙂


I’m going to pretty much disappear out of the social sphere.

so NO FACEBOOK!!! UGHH i keep going on cause people send me messages and stuff and i end up ‘liking’ stuff. i hadnt updated my status since June 1st (TRIUMPHHHH) but i went on the 14th and posted something about having texting UGH!!!! and im not supposed to be texting people really.

oh and im not going to go on at allll in july (OOOOPS i went on today.. just clicked yes to a sister request from a bff(: nothing else! pinky promise!!)


just my BFFS. we shall call them Sea and Elle. they are approved:) AND caillou, the bf(:

NO PICS ON FB!!!!!!!! i have pics but im not uploading more. cause Im going for the


so no one can see my super drastic personality/outer changes till the first day of school almost two months from now:)

its hard though cause me and Sea and Elle take lots of cool pics that i want to upload to everyone can be like OMG your soo pretty.. but its so worth it(:

and THATS the rehab effect in a nutshell:)

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