My List.

Things I personally need to be improved head to toe. (the material things)

Yet to do:

  • Hair cut, so my side bangs are fixed (they’re getting so long… i heard theyre going out and all but i still want them. i can clip them away all cute if i want lol)
  • EYEBROWS: professionally done STAT!!!
  • NOSE: just keep hands off, keep clear:)
  • TEETH: whitened!!! (i got the premium white at home stuff and i got the 3D white (by crest i beleive) toothpaste and mouthwash!)
  • ARMS: so i have this scar, so I’m putting mederma on it so it goes away:) haha and TONE!!!
  • HANDS: i have this satin hands stuff, but i don’t want it to run out, i guess once in a while i should do it and everyday when school gets closer 🙂
  • NAILS: mani pedi aysap! 🙂 bringing my friend C! 🙂 i guess ill go closer to school starting i guess lol
  • Booty and legs: TONE:)
  • EVERYWHERE: TAN!!!! 🙂 i am pretty tan but its fading i just need to chill outside more and stuff and tan when i can!

Done, done and DONE:

-Hair: first off, Diff Shampoo (the new dove stuff is AMAZING!!)

-Booobbss…. um victorias secret new MIRACULOUS bra!!! 🙂 adds 2 cup sizes! 😛

-Hair Dyed Darker [because dark hair is soo much shinier and my shampoo is AMAZING!]

-LIPS: Plumping lipgloss stat!!! 🙂

-EYES (makeup) do some tutorials and get a whole bunch of fun makeup so i dont look entirely the same everyday:)


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