Define alpha:
-The head animal in a pack, and by extension, an unofficial leader. Often used sarcastically of someone who wants to lead a group
-The first letter of the greek alphabet, also means The beginning or creation
-The prime. The ultimate. The leader. The ruler.
-ALL the guys Want her and ALL the girls want to be her!

This is a loser rescue mission.

i am saving myself. i realized that i havent been living! breathing? yes. surviving? yes (barely. JK!) living? NO!!!! ive been following the rules and coloring in the lines for wayy too long.

its time to get noticed and get popular and START LIVING!!!!! 🙂

im sooo totally stoked!

what im doing is beyond living.. im going to THRIVE(: as.. the IT girl duhh what else??


7 Responses to “About”
  1. loser? says:

    i love it!!!! 🙂

  2. massie says:

    cute blog!

  3. fc13 says:

    What exactly do you plan to do to “start living?”

    • GoingAlpha says:

      getting noticed. not being shy. going to parties. being brave and talking to not just cute guys but HOT guys(: being confident. not being a wallflower who lets opprotunities for adventure pass by(:

  4. fc13 says:

    And by what I mean how…

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